Panama's president praises CIIE, China's open market for boosting business

Venezuela looks to Chinese market to aid troubled economy

Business owners from Venezuela are among the thousands who are looking for customers at the China International Import Expo, in the hope that Chinese sales can help their troubled economy.

Foreign firms rush to China Foreign firms rush to China

Giant international import show reveals huge overseas business interest in the China

SHANGHAI, Nov. 08, (Xinhua/GNA) - Magdalene Nyale, an exhibitor from Kenya, is marketing black tea and coffee that travelled thousands of miles from the African continent to China while treating a steady stream of visitors to cashew nuts at the world's first import-themed national-level expo in the commercial hub of Shanghai. Nyale said her Nairobi-based trading company is eager to tap into the Chinese market as the country is opening wider to the world, adding that the expo is a good platform

Work together for an open global economy

In May 2017, I announced China’s decision to hold the China International Import Expo (CIIE) starting from 2018. Today, after more than one year of preparations and with the strong support from various parties, the first CIIE is officially opened.

Read more about Nike and LVMH praise China's efforts to fight intellectual property theft on Business Standard. US President Donald Trump has cited the theft of American intellectual property, including the counterfeiting of major brands, as justification for imposing tariffs on Chinese imports

California delegation attends China import expo, sends message to Washington amid trade row

Officials and business leaders from the US state of California are taking matters into their own hands after the US federal government launched a trade war with China, sending a delegation of dozens of business leaders to China to seek business and to send a message to Washington that the state is against the trade war.

India urged to export services to narrow deficit with China

India has a keen interest in expanding exports to China through the China International Import Expo (CIIE), as the South Asian country hopes that any such increase could help reduce its trade deficit and ease depreciation pressure on the rupee. However, India should export services like IT-related services instead of commodities to narrow the deficit with China, experts said.

Donald Trump says China no longer in race to supersede US as top economic power

China and the US are currently locked in an ongoing trade war as each country has introduced tariffs on goods traded between each other.

China's services imports surge 230 times between 1982-2017

The value of China’s services imports surged 230 times in 2017 compared with 1982, making it the second-largest services importer in the world, figures from the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) showed on Tuesday.